Christopher Scipio

The Natural Herpes Treatment Specialist

My name is Christopher Scipio. I've been an Herbalist since 1986 and a Holistic Viral Specialist for 17 years. I contracted the herpes virus in 1990 and after a bad reaction to drug therapy, developed a Holistic Protocol for herpes treatment, Genital Warts (HPV) and Cervical Dysplasia. The Protocol isn't a herpes cure (there is no cure)--it is way of controlling herpes by strengthening your immune system, regaining your self-esteem and practicing safer sex.

My book 'Making Peace with Herpes' is a guide to following my Holistic Protocol and overcoming the stigma of herpes. The book is about managing your herpes, reclaiming your sexuality while practicing safer sex and living a healthy, happy and balanced life.

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